La Saint Vincent du Bontemps
Le 2 février 2014 Messe à 10h en présence de Monseigneur RICARD en l’ Eglise de Saint-Estèphe. Déjeuner à Saint-Estèphe.

Ban du Millésime
the Ban du Millésime will be held at the CAPC on Wednesday April 2, 2014.

Commanderie du Bontemps Gala dinner
The Commanderie du Bontemps Gala Dinner will be held for the Vinexpo Asia Pacific's opening, Tuesday May 27, 2014 at Grand Hyatt Hotel in HONG KONG.

Fête de la Fleur
La Fête de la fleur 2014 will be held Friday June 27, 2014 in Bordeaux

Commanderie du Bontemps de Médoc et des Graves Sauternes et Barsac Commanderie du Bontemps de Médoc et des Graves Sauternes et Barsac Commanderie du Bontemps de Médoc et des Graves Sauternes et Barsac
The Left Bank bordeaux Cup

The 20 sur Vin tasting competition for wine-appreciation clubs at the leading Paris higher-education establishments was first held in 2002. It has since developed and in 2012 became the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup.

Students from prestigious French schools such as Ecole Centrale, ENA, ENGREF, ENS, ESCP-EAP, ESSEC, HEC, INA, Ecole des Mines, Polytechnique, Sciences-Po and Paris Dauphine University, as well as Oxford and Cambridge and many others have taken part in this competition, which today is a staple of wine enthusiast student life. Competitors are judged on their performance in multiple choice questionnaires, presentations and blind tastings. Since 2011, the competition has taken on an even more international dimension by opening up to teams from universities from other European countries, North America and Asia. The Left Bank Bordeaux Cup is organised in a similar way to the famous America's Cup yachting competition with challengers from North America, Asia and Europe facing the best wine clubs from French universities and business schools in a final that is held every year at Château Lafite-Rotschild in June.

In 2012, The Left Bank Bordeaux Cup has gone from strength to strength with teams competing from 15 French business and engineering schools and universities, 8 American teams, 13 from Asia and 4 teams from other European countries. This event obviously plays its part in sustaining and increasing the reputation of the great wines from the Bordeaux Left Bank. It is an opportunity for students from different cultures to come together around a shared passion for wine.


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French Consulate
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French Consulate
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Château Lafite Rothschild
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